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Cultural Agreement Between the Government of Canada and the Government of Mexico

E100750 - CTS 1977 No. 9

The Government of Canada and the Government of Mexico,

Animated by a common desire to improve and broaden co-operation in the sphere of culture and the arts, and

Convinced that such co-operation will help strengthen the ties of friendship between Canada and Mexico,

Have agreed as follows:

Article I

Both Parties shall assist each other in improving the mutual knowledge of their culture and civilization.

Article II

Both Parties shall endeavour, in accordance with their respective legislation, to promote in their institutions of higher learning the planning and organization of courses and programs in the fields of culture, the humanities and the arts.

Article III

Both Parties shall promote, in accordance with their respective legislation, the exchange of research workers, professors, assistants and students.

Article IV

Both Parties shall endeavour to award, within the scope of their capacities, scholarships for students and research workers of the Other Party to study, undergo training or carry out research work. They shall also encourage reciprocal visits by research workers and teachers to give lectures, carry out research, or participate in congresses, conferences and seminars. To the extent possible, persons teaching or studying at artistic or vocational training institutions shall be included in these measures.

Article V

Both Parties shall facilitate, within the framework of existing legislation, the admission of students and other members of the academic community of the Other Party to educational and research institutions of all types, including such institutions in the fields of artistic or vocational training.

Article VI

Both Parties shall facilitate, within the framework of applicable regulations, negotiations between relevant institutions for the purpose of obtaining mutual recognition and establishing equivalencies of post secondary studies and of degrees and diplomas.

Article VII

Both Parties in order to promote the exchange of information and experiences between representatives of the various fields of cultural life, especially literature, music, the performing arts and the fine arts, shall encourage reciprocal visits and participation in congresses, festivals and international competitions held in the other country.

They shall in particular encourage measures which promote the exchange of information, opinions and experiences between their major professional groups, including those involved in the field of adult education, and shall encourage the exchange of leading representatives of the cultural world.

Article VIII

Both Parties shall facilitate and assist, to the extent possible and with specifically cultural objectives in mind, guest performances by artists and ensembles of the Other Party.

They shall endeavour to encourage contacts and exchanges in the fields of the visual arts and archaeology, including restoration and conservation of cultural goods.

Article IX

Both Parties shall encourage, within the framework of existing legislation, contacts and exchanges in the fields of publishing, as well as between libraries, archives and museums. This disposition also applies to the interchange of specialists pertaining to these areas as well as to writers.

They shall facilitate the exchange and dissemination of books and other publications of a scientific, educational, technical, literary or other cultural nature. They shall also facilitate the exchange of exhibitions of a cultural nature between respective institutions, such as libraries, museums and archives, in their respective countries.

Article X

Both Parties shall encourage, within the limits of their ability to do so, the translation of works of a literary, scientific and technical nature of the other country.

Article XI

Both Parties shall facilitate contacts and exchanges in the fields of the news media and cinematography, including co-production of programs and films and participation in film festivals. Both Parties shall encourage and facilitate exchanges in activities related to the development of audio visual techniques, computer-assisted learning and related equipment.

Article XII

Both Parties shall encourage co-operation between sports organisations, youth organisa­tions and other institutions for extra-curricular training, as well as the exchange of athletes, young people and experts on youth questions from the two countries.

Article XIII

Both Parties shall, within the framework of existing regulations, encourage the creation and promote the activities of cultural organisations of the Other Party. Each Party shall keep the Other informed of its intentions and of developments in these fields.

Article XIV

Each Party shall facilitate, within the framework of existing regulations, the entry, residence and exit of individuals, materiel and necessary equipment for the fulfilment of activities falling within the framework of this Agreement.

Article XV

Representatives of both Parties shall meet annually at the request of either Party, in one of the two countries, to review the progress of the exchanges carried out under this Agreement and to formulate recommendations for further development of cultural co-operation. The Parties shall review, through normal channels, the application of one or more of the programs contemplated by the present Agreement.

Article XVI

The present Agreement shall come into force provisionally upon signature and definitively from the date in which both Parties notify the completion of the formalities of their respective legislation.

Article XVII

The present Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years renewable by tacit agreement unless one or the other of the Parties gives notice of termination at least six months prior to the expiry date.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto by their respective Governments, have signed the Agreement.

DONE in two copies at Mexico City this twenty-fifth day of January nineteen seventy six, in the French, English and Spanish languages, each version being equally authentic.

James C. Langley

Alfonso Garcia Robles

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