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Cultural Agreement Between Canada and Japan

E100749 - CTS 1977 No. 36

The Government of Canada and the Government of Japan,

Inspired by a common desire to promote and develop the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of culture and education,

Convinced that such cooperation will contribute to the furtherance of mutual understanding and friendship that exist between the two countries,

Have decided to conclude a Cultural Agreement and have agreed as follows:

Article I

  1. The Contracting Parties will encourage the exchange between the two countries of scholars, teachers, researchers, students, artists, members of cultural and educational institutions and other persons engaging in cultural, scientific or educational activities.
  2. The Contracting Parties will encourage close cooperation between the cultural, educational and professional institutions of the two countries.

Article II

The Contracting Parties will endeavour to promote the establishment and development of such institutions and cultural programmes as contribute to strengthening cultural or educational relations between the two countries.

Article III

Each Contracting Party will endeavour to provide the nationals of the other Contracting Party with scholarships and other facilities for study, training or research in its own territory.

Article IV

Each Contracting Party will encourage the creation and development at universities and other educational institutions of professorial chairs, other teaching posts and courses in the language, literature, history, geography, legal system, economy and culture in general of the other country, and in other subjects concerning that country.

Article V

The Contracting Parties will study to what extent and under what conditions equivalence could be granted in each country for academic purposes or where appropriate for professional purposes to degrees, diplomas and certificates acquired in the course of or at the end of study at universities or other educational institutions, as well as to other diplomas acquired, in the other country.

Article VI

Each Contracting Party will accord, in its own territory, to the nationals of the other Contracting Party every possible facility of access to art galleries, museums, libraries, archives, documentation centers and other establishments of a cultural nature.

Article VII

Each Contracting Party will, to the extent possible, encourage and facilitate the understanding of the culture, history, institutions and general way of life of the other country, especially by means of:

  1. books, periodicals and other publications;
  2. radio and television programmes;
  3. films, tapes, disks and other audio-visual materials;
  4. fine arts, crafts and other cultural exhibitions;
  5. lectures, seminars and congresses;
  6. concerts and the performing arts;
  7. festivals and international competitions of a cultural nature.

Article VIII

Each Contracting Party will encourage in its own territory the translation, reproduction and publication of literary, artistic or academic works produced by the nationals or organizations of the other Contracting Party.

Article IX

The Contracting Parties will facilitate exchange in the fields of press, radio, television and cinematography.

Article X

The Contracting Parties will encourage cooperation and exchange between youth and youth organizations as well as between sportsmen and sporting organizations of the two countries.

Article XI

The Contracting Parties will encourage tourism between the two countries with a view to promoting mutual understanding between the two peoples.

Article XII

The Contracting Parties will hold consultations with each other, whenever necessary, or at the request of either of them, alternately in Canada and Japan, in order to review the progress of the exchanges provided for in the present Agreement and to assure its implementation.

Article XIII

The present Agreement shall be ratified and the instruments of ratification shall be exchanged at Ottawa. It shall enter into force on the date of the exchange of the instruments of ratification.

Article XIV

The present Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years and thereafter until the expiration of one year from the day on which either Contracting Party shall give notice of its intention to terminate the Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, duly authorized thereto by their respective Governments, have signed the present Agreement.

DONE in duplicate at Tokyo, this twenty-sixth day of October, 1976, in the English, French and Japanese languages, all texts being equally authentic.

Bruce Rankin

Zentaro Kosaka

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