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Cultural Agreement Between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium

E100725 - CTS 1968 No. 3


Being desirous of strengthening the close ties of friendship which exist between Canada and Belgium,

Being resolved to increase cultural, artistic, scientific and technical ex­changes between the two countries,

Have decided to conclude the present cultural Agreement and, to this effect, have agreed as follow:

Article 1

The Contracting Parties, anxious to broaden knowledge of each others civilization and culture, shall collaborate to this end.

Article 2

The Contracting Parties shall, within the scope of their respective jurisdictions, promote exchanges of professors, persons engaged in research, students and trainees, artists, leaders of cultural and youth groups, and of other persons engaged in cultural, scientific and technical activities. They shall each endeavour to expand the number of bursaries, travel and training grants available to nationals of the other country.

Article 3

The Contracting Parties agree to seek ways to grant a partial or total equivalence in their own country in respect of studies which have been completed, of successful competitions and examinations which have been passed, and of diplomas which have been obtained in the other country.

Article 4

Each Party shall encourage the presentation of artistic activities of the other Party, and to this end, shall provide the best available facilities.

Article 5

The Contracting Parties agree to facilitate on a reciprocal basis and within the scope of their respective laws, the entry into and the dissemina­tion within their territories, of:

  • motion pictures, music (in the form of scores or recordings) and radio and television programmes;
  • works of art and reproductions of such works; and
  • books, periodicals and other cultural, scientific and technical publications as well as of catalogues relating to them.

They agree to lend their assistance, insofar as possible, to performances and exchanges in these fields.

Article 6

The Contracting Parties shall expand their cooperation in the field of scientific research as well as in the training of administrative and technical personnel.

Article 7

Each of the Contracting Parties shall, insofar as possible facilitate the resolution of administrative and financial problems arising from the cultural activities in its territory of the other party.

Article 8

Each of the Contracting Parties shall, in accordance with its legislation, facilitate the admission and sojourn of nationals of the other State, and of their families to pursue activities within the framework of the present Agreement.

They shall also facilitate, subject to the same conditions, the entry of the personal goods and effects of such persons.

Article 9

In order to establish direct continuous consultation with each other in the field of cultural relations, and in order to ensure the implementation of the dispositions falling within the framework of the present Convention, the Contracting Parties shall establish a permanent joint Committee which shall be composed of two sections to be located, respectively, in Belgium and in Canada.

The Belgian section shall be composed of at least:

  1. a chairman and four members appointed jointly by those Ministers whose responsibilities relate to the field of culture and by the Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  2. a representative of the Canadian Embassy in Brussels.

The Canadian section shall be composed of at least:

  1. a chairman and four members appointed by the Secretary of State for External Affairs, after consultation with interested authorities;
  2. a representative of the Belgian Embassy in Ottawa;

Experts may be coopted to each section.

Each section shall meet at least once a year. The two sections shall meet in plenary session at least once every two years in each country alternatively.

Article 10

The present Agreement shall be ratified and the instruments of ratification shall be exchanged at Brussels at the earliest possible date.

It shall enter into force one month after the date on which the instruments of ratification are exchanged.

Article 11

The present Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years. If it has not been denounced by either of the Contracting Parties six months before the expiry of that period, it shall be renewed by tacit agreement from year to year, unless denounced at least six months prior to the expiry date of each such period.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, duly authorized to that effect, have signed the present Agreement.

DONE at Ottawa, this eighth day of May, 1967, in two copies, each in the English, French and Netherlands languages, the three texts being equally authentic.

Paul Martin

Guy D. De La Chevalerie

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